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I strive to create classrooms where students have space to be their fullest selves and not be bound by arbitrary standards set by inatitutions. I cultivate students' critical eye and gauge for self-assessment. After all, we are our own worst critics, and often the only true arbiter of whether we are doing our best work.


I interrogate the origins of training, bringing a diversity of perspectives and analysis to students. This includes reinventing pedagogy related to everything I practice, including Stabislavski, Laban, Hagen, text analysis, Shakespeare, Lacoq, Clown, Grotowski, Viewpoints, devising, playwriting, Commedia dell'Arte, and stage combat. I bring a consent based practice to every room and exercise.


I currently teach at Montgomery College in their Theatre and English departments, and run the theatre program at Walt Whitman High School, where we produce three shows every season, with each season featuring a production budget of approximately $100k and around 600 theatre artists. 


I have built and taught curriculum for Montgomery College, Brown University, School Without Walls, Templeton Academy,  Ford's Theatre, Theater J, Imagination Stage, and American Dance Institute.


I provide individual coaching for actors and designers of all levels. I work acting, singing, movement, BFA audition portfolios, selecting and cutting monologues/songs, Acting For The Camera, Finding And Integrating Your Inner Clown, resume construction, and professional development. I do packages for college auditions and long term projects.


Teach your class? Challenge Accepted.

"Tyler Herman is an outstanding, brilliant teacher and director who has fostered my passion for performing and helped me hone my craft, offering tremendous advice at every step. He has taught me how to expand my range of characters, connect with audiences, and tell a nuanced and real story... I am an infinitely better performer because of Tyler."

                                           -Ryan Robbins, finalist for Brandon
                                Victor Dixon Award for Best Actor, 2024. 


"Tyler understands performance in a way that really speaks to his students. Tyler coached me for my college auditions. His coaching is honest, direct and collaborative. He truly elicited great performances from me. Tyler helped me edit all the best material for my pre-screens and gave me last minute advice before auditions. Because of his coaching, I'm happy to say I'm headed to NYU Tisch Drama in the fall!"

                                            -Samantha Sanders, accepted into
                                           Lee Strasburg studio at NYU Tisch 

From students in classes at Montgomery College and Theater J


"Tyler Herman's teaching style is all about community. He take the time to understand and explore any questions or concerns, and is easy to reach 24/7. He is very collaborative. He gives everyone opportunities to warm up, and practice acting exercises, no matter the circumstance."

"Tyler is a gifted teacher who creates a safe space in which the class can explore difficult material in a comfortable and open way."


"[Tyler has] a commitment to personal improvement and a joy for life that are truly infectious."

"Tyler created an environment where everyone could be heard and felt comfortable speaking and performing. Tyler gives very detailed and important feedback."

"Tyler was an inspiring and informed instructor. Loved his enthusiasm."

"Engaging. Selfless. With many helpful tools at hand to help improve acting."

"Tyler's style is very personal and reaches each individual and their acting needs"

"Tyler Herman fosters an inclusive and comfortable classroom. I felt super comfortable to learn in the environment he creates."

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