"Gifted with comedic timing, [Josh] Adams and [Tyler] Herman provide heartfelt moments that frequently give way to side-splitting humor."

                                                   -Jeannette Mulherin, MD Theatre Guide

"As the upstart reporter Jacob Milne, Tyler Herman offers a rare naturalness..."

-Kate Wingfield, Metro Weekly

"The peripatetic Tyler Herman [stood out], shapeshifting through four distinct roles."

-John F. Glass, Drama Urge


"Tyler Herman handles both Dai's physical and emotional challenges impressively"


-Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

 "A special commendation must go to the fabulous Tyler Herman, whose transitions between the extreme macho man Paris and a shriekingly funny Nurse were a highlight of the performance." 

-Tracey Erbacher, DC Theatre Scene

Tyler Herman and Jack Dwyer in Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew




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