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As a Jewish artist, interrogating meaning and hunting for clarity is a part of my DNA. I am fiercely committed to lifting up the heart of a story in physical, visceral ways. My work is clean, intimate, and breathes on a razor's edge. Muscular, silly, and heart wrenching.


I pursue Tzedek, the Jewish value of Justice, through how we make work. In rehearsal rooms and tech spaces that dismantle power differentials. Making space for a kaleidoscope  of different working and artistic practices and opinions. Prioritizing everyone as a collaborator, and as family. If we aren't living our fullest lives in and out of a project, how can we bring our best selves to the work? 

"Mesmerizing...pulls no punches!"

-Dan Desai Martin, DC Theatre Scene

"[Hits] the jackpot!... [Tyler Herman] not only delights, shocks, and entertains, but also offers the valuable opportunity to reflect on the darker sides of the human psyche and family dynamics. And to top it all, it transports us into the world where plants play music and fish dance. As Ira Gershwin wrote, “Who could ask for anything more?”"

-Eliza Anna Falk, DC Theater Arts

"Director Tyler Herman not only embraces the duality of the ridiculous and the dangerous, he one-ups it...The scene-stealing anthropomorphic piranha, Rosalinda, played with energetic panache by Anna Lynch. Another brilliantly realized twist by the director, Lynch’s giggly, cat-eating fish further enhances the Absurdist touches Kopit mixed in to his dark farce."

-Jeffrey Walker, DC Theatre Scene

“satiric fun and breaking government rules is what The Good Devil aims for and delivers...The Good Devil (In Spite of Himself) is inspired lunacy…”

-David Siegel, DC Metro Theater Arts


“creatively written and staged new play...bringing the audience along for a wild, silly, and slapstick ride through the world of Commedia dell’Arte… (and a little bit of the Underworld).”

-Katelynn Wattendorf, MD Theatre Guide

Anna Lynch in "Oh Dad, Poor Dad..."
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