"Now receiving a most creative staging by The American Century Theater

...After language is pushed and otherwise stood on its head, the production resorts to music and dance to get at the truth and goose the talky script. Incisive direction by Tyler Herman and execution by a committed cast capture the interiority of the characters, some archetypal, a few anthropomorphic, and others, projections....TACT takes it to the next level with this show."

-John F. Glass, Drama Urge

"Director Tyler Herman was inspired to push the daring limits of Kopit’s play. His cast is more than up to the task...Kopit’s script combines light comedy and dark wit with the frivolous. At American Century, director Tyler Herman not only embraces the duality of the ridiculous and the dangerous, he one-ups it...The scene-stealing anthropomorphic piranha, Rosalinda, played with energetic panache by Anna Lynch. Another brilliantly realized twist by the director, Lynch’s giggly, cat-eating fish further enhances the Absurdist touches Kopit mixed in to his dark farce."

-Jeffrey Walker, DC Theatre Scene

“satiric fun and breaking government rules is what The Good Devil aims for and delivers...The Good Devil (In Spite of Himself) is inspired lunacy…”

-David Siegel, DC Metro Theater Arts


“creatively written and staged new play...bringing the audience along for a wild, silly, and slapstick ride through the world of Commedia dell’Arte… (and a little bit of the Underworld).”

-Katelynn Wattendorf, MD Theatre Guide



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